August 27, 2018

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Mathematical Algorithms

2000 Richman Moorman Am J Physiol Sample entropy

2002 Lake Am J Physiol _ Sample entropy of neonatal HR

2011 Clark J Applied Physiol Breath by breath RSA in infants

2011 Lake Moorman Am J Physiol Coffeicient of sample entropy

2014 Moss Physiol Meas Local dynamics score

2013 DemaZumder Circulation Arrhythm Electrophysiol AF detection in devices with COSEn

Predictive Analytics Monitoring

2013 Clark Ped Res Predictive monitoring for respiratory decompensation leading to urgent unplanned intubation in the neonatal intensive care unit

2013 Politano Surgery Predictive monitoring for emergent intubation in surgical ICU

2016 Moss Critical Care Medicine Signatures of Subacute Potentially Catastrophic Illness in the ICU

2017 Blackburn Surgery External validation of predictive monitoring in surgical ICU

2017 Moss Critical Care Medicine AF in the ICU

2017 Moss PLOS ONE ECG monitoring in acute care patients

2018 Blackburn Surgery Predictive monitoring for low risk ICU and IMU patients

2018 Keim-Malpass Clark Physiol Meas Predicting failed extubation

Clinical Implementation and Impact

2011 Moorman J Peds HeRO trial

2016 Moorman Lake Moss Crit Care Med editorial Computers in white coats

2018 Moorman in press JECG Crossroads in predictive analytics monitoring for clinical medicine

2018 Keim-Malpass Critical Care Nursing Clinics Advancing continuous predictive analytics in a surgical ICU

2018 Ruminski JCMC Impact of predictive analytics based on continuous cardiorespiratory monitoring in a surgical and trauma intensive care unit